Who we are and what we do


The INTEGRON company began its activity in 1997. At the very beginning we were involved only in designing laboratory/service equipment intended for the automatics and electronics service departments. We produced the programmers of EPPROM/FLASH non-volatile memory, then the measurement cards of the high speed analogue to the digital converters (1GSPS) and the dedicated controllers based on the FPGA matrixes and the ARM7/9 processors.

Over years we have transformed into the research and development laboratory that develops technologies for the defence industry and industrial automatics. As a part of a cooperation with the Polish Defence Holding Bumar / Mesko we manufacture subassemblies for the Spike and Grom missile systems. A cooperation with the European research units has resulted, among others, in a participation with a development of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

We specialise in using the digital signal processors (DSP) in processing data from the measurement converters. We design dedicated measurement solutions for the research units in Greece, Italy and Great Britain.

The company has had its own production line of the Siemens SIPLACE/DEK electronics with an assembly capacity of 3 million elements per month since 2007. We are capable of manufacturing an optional electronic device designed in our firm.

In 2012 we started works on a methodology of the water parameter measurement in the foodstuff industry as well as water and water waste management. Many years of researches resulted in a development of the optical and fluorescence technology of the concentration measurement of oxygen dissolved in the water. Sensors use the unique glass and polymer matrixes, and a very accurate trigonometrical measurement of a signal phase. Now, we work on a technology of an optical pH measurement within the physiological ranges which does not require frequent calibrations. There are also prepared the sensors of the water turbidity in which is applied an optical method according to ISO 7027 standard and the conductivity sensors that use an inductive method. In the case of all sensors we implement a technology of an ultrasonic cleaning of a measurement head during an operation.

An innovative approach towards designing and an ability to combine chemistry and physics with electronics and informatics distinguish us from the other European companies. We are the only one Polish manufacturer of the optical dissolved oxygen sensors that applies an own measurement technology.

We conduct researches on the modern technologies

We have our own production line

We are open for a cooperation