An approximate time of elimination of defects is five working days from a moment of delivering a device to our service.
Two additional days are required to perform a full calibration procedure in a pure gas chamber.


General terms and conditions of the warranty issued by the INTEGRON Research and Development Laboratory:

  • This warranty secures good quality and a correct operation of the product.
  • The warranty is issued for a period of 36 months in the case of the products and for a period
    of 12 months in the case of the consumables.
  • The warranty period lasts no longer than 48 months from a date of issuing it to an intermediary sales entity.
  • The warranty period runs from a date of selling to an end purchaser.
  • The warranty commits the producer to a free of charge elimination of the defects of the sold products within
    7 days from a date of its delivery for a repair.
  • The purchaser is entitled to a replacement of the product for a new one, free from defects, in the case when:
    - a repair is impossible
    - when after two warranty repairs it still has the acknowledged defects
  • The operation shall be performed according to the operating manual of the device, and in the case
    of the goods to which a separate operating manual is not attached, it should be performed according.
  • The device shall be shipped with a copy of a purchase invoice and a complete equipment to the following address of our company:

INTEGRON Research and Development Laboratory
Kolejowa 2c Street, 26-500 Szydłowiec, Poland

  • Before a repair of a defected device the purchaser should contact with the producer in order to determine
    a scope of occurring damages and symptoms of the improper operating of the device or attach
    a description of the above mentioned issues.
  • The warranty becomes null and void under the following circumstances:
    - breaking seals
    - mechanical damages
    - damages caused by improper operating, incompatible with the operating manual
  • The warranty shall not cover damages which occur during a transport.
  • The producer shall nor borne costs of a disassembly and an assembly of the products on the purchaser’s facilities.
  • The producer shall nor borne costs of downtimes which occur due to the purchaser resulted from a defective operating
    of the product and a duration of a warranty repair.